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September 1st, 2015

Think for a moment about the changes that technology has brought to electronics and consumer goods in the last 15 years, and how things like tablet computers and smartphones, which we now take for granted, weren’t even on the horizon then. Automotive technology has seen the same sort of sweeping changes sinceTires & Auto Repair Gallatin, TNthen as well, with systems and designs that keep getting more and more sophisticated with every passing year. The days of the shade-tree mechanic turning wrenches, replacing parts and working through problems by instinct and gut feeling are a thing of the past; it’s now a necessity that automotive technicians continue learning and updating their skills through the whole course of their careers. Engine control computers, automotive stability systems, traction control systems, onboard wireless networks and many other innovations mean that a technician needs strong computer and electronic skills along with a fully-stocked set of tools.

That bar keeps getting set higher, and the technicians at American Tire Company’s Gallatin store are proud to clear it every time.

ASE Certification

At American Tire Company in Gallatin, all of our technicians have certifications from Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE. ASE certification gives customers the peace of mind of knowing that their vehicles are trusted to someone who has tangible proof of technical expertise. To attain ASE certification, automotive technicians need to pass a rigorous test along with having two years of on-the-job training, or one year of on-the-job training and an associate’s degree in automotive repair.

ASE’s certification tests come from a panel of automotive professionals, including educators, automobile and aftermarket engineers, executives, managers and working technicians. Exams are divided into segments such as collision repair, medium/heavy truck and automobile specialties, with over 40 sub-segments to analyze a technician’s knowledge and skills. To ensure that technicians are staying current with advances in the field, every technician must retest every five years to keep his certification. The exam isn’t easy; only two out of three pass it on their first attempt.

Customer Service at American Tire Company

Along with the confidence of knowing that our technicians are trained and certified in the field, customers at American Tire Company in Gallatin will find a level of customer service and care that’s unmatched anywhere else. We know that without you, the customer, we wouldn’t be in business at all…and since we’ve been in business since the 1950s, we must be doing some things right. Everyone has known the frustration of bad, incompetent or indifferent customer service, including us, and that’s something that is just not acceptable here. That’s why we’re committed to doing things right the first time and making sure you come back to us the next time you need service.

ASE certified technicians, knowledgeable and friendly service advisors and customer service that makes you feel like part of the family – that’s what we offer at American Tire Company in Gallatin, and that’s what you can count on every time! 

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