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July 15th, 2015

At American Tire Company, we are about so much more than just tires. We’ve been doing auto repair in the Murfreesboro area since the mid-1950s, and in those decades we’ve seen a lot change in terms of automotive technology. Cars are now safer, more comfortable, more efficient and powerful than they’ve ever Tires & Auto Repair Murfreesboro, TNbeen before…and also more sophisticated in terms of design and auto repair. Onboard diagnostics, engine control units, vehicle stability controls, traction controls, high-tech accessories and systems and onboard wireless networks now demand more from an auto repair technician’s skills than ever. At American Tire Company, our technicians are ready for any challenge that comes their way.

ASE Certification

Since the early 70s, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence has set industry standards for auto repair technicians with their certification program. Prerequisites for the certification are two years’ worth of hands-on experience in auto repair work, or a year’s experience coupled with a two-year degree in auto repair technology. The testing process is rigorous and tough, with only two out of three technicians passing the test on their first attempt. To ensure that technicians stay ahead of the curve as automotive technology continues to advance, re-certification is required every five years.

The tests, which stress knowledge of job-related skills, are designed by engineers, technicians, executives and managers in the automotive industry. They are divided into specialties such as automotive, medium/heavy truck, collision repair, etc. and further broken down into over 40 sub-specialties.

At American Tire Company, our technicians are ASE-certified and proudly wear the institute’s blue patch on the sleeves of their uniforms. For you, the customer, that means assurance of their technical knowledge and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your car is in good hands.

Customer Service

What’s customer service worth to you? Our guess is that it’s pretty important, otherwise you wouldn’t keep coming back. To us at American Tire Company, customer service means everything. That’s why we treat everyone who comes through the door like family, and that’s why you can expect:

·         Every job performed by trained, seasoned technicians

·         Every car treated like you’d treat it yourself, with disposable seat covers, steering wheel covers and floor mats

·         Knowledgeable and friendly service advisors

·         Direct and open communication to keep you informed of any diagnosis and repair work, complete with estimates

·         Work that’s done right the first time

We’ve been doing auto repair at American Tire Company for generations now, and we want to make sure that our customers are satisfied. It’s what you expect, and it’s what we deliver – as the saying goes, “we aren’t good because we’re old…we’re old because we’re good.”





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