Announcing American Tire Company's Brake Repair Special!

July 25th, 2016

How are your brakes doing?

Are you noticing problems like excessive brake pedal travel, longer stopping distances, a “spongy”-feeling pedal, a tendency for one or more wheels to lock up Brake Repair in Murfreesboro TN and skid while braking, or a noticeable pulsation through the brake pedal? Or a groaning or metallic grinding noise while braking?

Any of these can be signs that your brakes are in need of replacement. And since the friction material of brake pads can last 40-60,000 miles, it can be hard to really notice when brake performance starts to fall off.

Right now, though, you’re in luck!

Through October 2, you can take advantage of our brake repair special at American Tire Company. For $99 per axle, you can get new brake pads, labor and resurfacing of the brake rotors…and that’s a deal you can’t beat anywhere. All you have to do is print out and clip the coupon from our website and present it when it’s time for your brake service.

The average American driver puts about 14,000 miles on a vehicle every year. If you were to attach a counter to the brake pedal, you’d find that that driver steps on the brakes 75,000 times in the course of that year. That may seem like a lot, until you consider how many times you alternate from gas pedal to brake just trying to get home in Nashville rush hour traffic!

Don’t take chances with your brakes, and don’t pay too much for brake repair. Make an appointment with us at American Tire Company at any of our locations and take advantage of this great brake special! 

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