How's Your Battery Doing?

August 22nd, 2016

Any battery that is designed to be rechargeable can only withstand so many charge/discharge cycles before it loses its ability to hold a charge…and just like the Battery Replacement in Murfreesboro TN battery in your laptop or your cell phone, that’s what’s going to happen to your car battery eventually. The extremes of hot and cold are especially hard on an automotive battery, and cheaper batteries in particular never seem to last through their entire warranty period before they give up the ghost.

Thing is, your battery doesn’t have to completely fail to start giving you problems. Newer vehicles rely on “reference voltage” from the battery to power sensors and other processors under the hood. When the battery is starting to fail or other charging system problems are happening, that can be enough to register a trouble code in the engine computer and cause all kinds of driveability issues.  

These are all signs of a failing battery:

  • Not much reserve power: the engine will crank fast for a few seconds, but then slow down.
  • Dome lights or headlights are dim while the engine is off
  • Engine turns over too slowly to start
  • Frequent need for jump-starts

Once a battery starts to go, it’s not going to get better on its own. Don’t risk getting stuck somewhere, and don’t go through the embarrassment of having to ask for a jump all the time. At American Tire Company, we’ve got a great selection of batteries for practically any application – and at a price you’ll love. Make an appointment with us!

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