Oil Changes at American Tire Company

March 3rd, 2014
Did you know that American Tire Company will change your vehicle’s oil? We offer a full range of services from wheel alignments, brakes, coolant system flushes, and even oil changes! Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of oil changes, and how we here at American Tire Company can help you out at Oil Change Nashville TNone of our 12 locations throughout TN.
With a full service oil change you will receive: 
Replacement of your oil- We drain out your old oil and replace it with the new stuff. This seems pretty simple, but there are a lot of benefactors. As you drive your vehicle, the oil in your engine not only lubricates the engine to keep heat moving through it, preventing engine failure, it also protects your vital engine components from damage. This means that the oil flowing through your engine is the number one defense that you have from engine damage, wear and tear, and vehicle breakdowns. Over time, the engine oil loses some of its protecting properties, the viscosity breaks down, debris and dirt get trapped, and it is then time for the oil to be replaced. 
Filter change- We check and replace not one, but two filters. Your oil filter gets replaced with every oil change. The oil filter helps remove dirt and debris from your oil that it picks up when its moving around the engine, helping reduce the sand blasting effect that these particles have on your engine parts. Your Air Filter helps filter and bring clean air into the engine to aid in combustion, increasing gas mileage. Your air filter may not need to be replaced as often, depending on your driving conditions, so we check this with every oil change. 
Under the Hood Checkup- While our knowledgeable technicians are replacing your oil, this is always a great time for us to do a spot check of your engine and catch problems before they turn into major repairs. We’ll check your hoses and belts for signs of wear and breakage as well as your battery, wipers, tires, and brakes. By visually inspecting the major components of the vehicle, we can let you know if there are other maintenance services or warning signs that you should look into.
Replace Fluids and more- An oil change also means that we’ll top off your fluids, windshield washer fluid, coolant, and transmission fluid if applicable. We’ll look for leaks and make sure that your vehicle isn’t burning through fluids that it shouldn’t. When you get an oil change, you get so much more on top of the peace of mind that you’ll be driving away topped off and in great shape. 
American Tire Company has 12 locations to serve our communities all across Tennessee. There are three locations in Nashville: Nolensville Pike, one on 8th Ave, and our location on Hwy. 100. Another two locations are located in Murfreesboro. One is on Broad St. and the other is our Auto & Truck Center located at 1430 Mark Allen Lane. Our other locations are in Brentwood, Goodlettsville, Hendersonville, Gallatin, Springfield, and also Columbia. We’re here at American Tire to help whenever you are in need of an oil change in TN! 
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