Winter's Almost Here -- Is Your Car Ready/

November 27th, 2016

Winter weather is really tough on a vehicle, but here are some ideas to get your car or truck in great shape before the snow starts flying.Winter Driving in Nashville TN

--Wipers and glass: You know the weather’s going to get tough at some point, and even the best windshield wipers are only good for about a year before they start to crack, dry and generally wear out. Get yourself a good set of wipers and make sure the windshield washer fluid reservoir is always topped off. It’s also a good idea to go over all the windshield and window glass with a coat or two of Rain-X so they will bead up and repel water easily.

--Cooling system: Your coolant is a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water, with anticorrosion agents and other additives that prevent the buildup of scale in the cooling system. Like other automotive fluids, however, coolant becomes contaminated over time and loses its effectiveness. Corrosion can start to plug the small passages in the radiator and reduce its effectiveness…and the heater core is part of the cooling system. A cooling system flush will remove scale and test the radiator, hoses and clamps for weak spots before refilling with fresh coolant.

--Battery: Cold temperatures are especially hard on your battery. A battery checkup can test it for reserve cranking power, remove any corrosion that’s accumulated  on the posts and cable clamps and check the alternator and serpentine belt.

--Oil change: If you’ve ever considered a switch to synthetic motor oil, winter is a good time to do it. Synthetic oil has better flow properties, meaning it doesn’t thin out at high temperatures or thicken in extreme cold. When motor oil thickens, it puts additional stress on the starter and battery as they turn the engine over, and deprives the upper end of the engine of oil at startup. An oil change with fresh synthetic oil is a great idea before winter.

There’s a lot more to go over when it comes to winter readiness, more than we can really go into here. If you want to make sure your vehicle’s up to the rigors of winter driving, make an appointment with us at American Tire at one of our several locations around the greater Nashville area! 

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